Moving Business

Relocating your business to new premises requires timing, organisation and co-ordination if you are to avoid losing money or upsetting your customers.

Moving Your Business in the UK or Abroad?

Business Moving Experts

P&J Removals are experts in this field. Our highly skilled team will arrange an appointment at your convenience to discuss the planned business move and work with you to organise a detailed 'schedule of service' to avoid any delays.

We will take the time to explain the services we can offer and agree with you exactly what is to be included in the quotation.

Service Specification

Once the quotation has been completed, we will create a detailed 'service specification' which will list what will and won't be included in the final move.

This gives you an opportunity to review all your items and potentially add any additional pieces you may have missed before we begin the process.

Moving Computers & IT Equipment

Almost all businesses on the UK now rely on computers and other IT equipment.


Moving this specialist equipment is often tricky but P&J Removals can help. Our experts can help you transport any type of IT equipment that you need moved into your new premises.


At this point, it is important to remind you that you as the customer are responsible for the packing of all computer-related equipment and that proper 'protective' packing has been used.


You are also responsible for the backing up of any data should any accidental damage occur to computer or IT Equipment during the move.


Every precaution will be taken to avoid this scenario, but P&J Removals will not be responsible for any loss of data.

Mains Services

Unfortunately, P&J Removals are not permitted to tamper with the mains services to your new business address during your move. As a result, you will need to contact the following suppliers to ensure a smooth business transition: Gas, Electricity, Telephone, Internet service provider.

We Offer

Personal, friendly team to assist with your move

Specialised removal vehicles for item safety

Full packing service to protect your valuables

Experienced and trained furniture movers

What Our Clients Say

Moving Specific Items

Office Carpets & Curtains

If required we will take down curtains and take up carpets by special arrangement (check your P&J Removals Service Specification), but will not fit them again in your new offices.

Office Light Fittings

You should remove light fittings before the moving day as P&J Removals are not qualified to do so.

Office System Furniture

This type of furniture is not designed to be moved in its assembled form. You should discuss with us who will be responsible for dismantling it. Generally, speaking, removers would not expect to reassemble such furniture or equipment although they may under certain circumstances, be prepared to quote separately for such work. If you want this service, please contact us so we can discuss this with you.

Office Drawers

Light stationery items may be left in drawers, but heavier items such as books, files or tools should be removed and packed separately.