Our Storage Solution

We use wooden purpose built containers that are stacked carefully. All containers used remain untouched until you require access to them. We supply an inventory of all items that are stored with us and a copy is retained by you.

Security and Access

The safety and security of your personal belongings is taken extremely seriously. It is in our own interests and reputation to provide a high standard of security and to protect your personal belongings.

We can assure you that nobody will have access to your container/s at any time for the duration of storage. Only YOU will have access.
Providing you give us 24 hour notice, you can have access to your container at anytime, 24 hours day. Each time you remove or add items to or from your contain you will be required to sign a new inventory list. This is to avoid confusion and a clear audit trail that protects you and P & J Removals.

Storage Tips: Preparation Recommendations

P & J Removals would like to advise their customers to consider the following:

Clearly Label

Place labels on all items you wish to store.

Turn Your Goods Off

Make sure that any 'white goods' (freezers, fridges, washing machines etc.) are turned off a few days before they are to be stored. It is essential that they are thoroughly 'cleaned' and 'dried out'.

Clean and Dry

It is also advisable to clean and dry all items, particularly things normally used outside (bikes, garden tools, etc.)

Precious Things

Do not store precious items, such as jewellery, money, deeds, or other important documents.

Hazardous Items

P & J Removals will not accept hazardous items like paint, aerosols, gas bottles or weapons.


List and declare the value of all goods to be stored and be sure to give this to P & J Removals in writing.
P & J Removals will gladly answer any questions you may have and help you with any documentation that is necessary.


P & J Removal Storage charges are calculated on volume to be stored. P & J Removals charge in advanced for any storage space required.

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